At no time in human history have the imperatives of civil security and community resilience been more challenging.

The protection of people, communities, cities, resources and infrastructure has become increasingly complex and demanding in an era of growing urbanisation.

The rapid "rise of cities" has led to heightened risks as well as expanded opportunities.

Environmental, resource, infrastructure and community protection have become increasingly demanding. Never before have the demands of preserving civil security and building civil resilience been so acute.

Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, and indeed the world as a whole, face complex environmental and security protection challenges as a consequence of increased urban concentration and rapid social change.

The nations of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region are developing at a rapid rate. Indonesia, India and both North and South Asia are experiencing the growth of mega-cities, urban centres with ten million or more citizens - and there is no sign of this trend abating, let alone receding. In Australia, seventy five percent of the population live in urban centres - with sixty percent residing in major capitals.

Such concentrated pools of people create larger and more pressing civil security challenges, but also irresistible economic opportunities. Big cities provide workforces, economic drivers and motivate commercial expansion. Conversely, they increase the risks faced from the spread of disease, the impact of natural disasters, environmental emergencies, terrorist attack and infrastructure breakdowns.

On the other hand, people living and working in provincial, rural and remote areas, such as farmers and miners, face a different set of environmental and civil security threats and challenges, aggravated by the loss of population to the cities, the tyranny of distance, depleted facilities and the strains on widely-stretched infrastructure.

At the same time, the control of borders has become more challenging, threats to the safety of society have become more acute and the protection of the public has become more demanding.

How these and other civil security challenges in the coming decades should be addressed will be the overarching focus for CIVSEC 2018.

This international congress and exposition will zero-in on key themes, which will include:-

  • Human Security and Safety
  • Public Security, Policing and Protection
  • Infrastructure, Resource and Environmental Security
  • Cyber Security and Social Media
  • Borders and Sovereignty
  • Homeland Security
  • Community Resilience
  • Emergencies and Disaster Management
  • Catastrophes and Humanitarian Response
  • Innovation and Technology


Comprising an exposition of equipment, technology and services and a congress of specialist conferences, CIVSEC 2018 will confront the complex and increasingly interconnected security, and environmental challenges facing modern societies.

Building on the success of the inaugural CIVSEC 2016 event, it will bring together leaders and decision-makers, policy makers and advisers, managers and officials, operational professionals, technical specialists, strategists and academics, researchers and consultants, technology developers and industry suppliers.

While focusing on the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, CIVSEC 2018 will address issues of global significance. The sovereignty, safety, prosperity and cohesion of societies and communities everywhere are threatened by natural disasters and emergencies, by human catastrophe and civil disorder, by criminal activity and terrorism and by the movement of distressed populations across porous frontiers.

The key players who respond to these challenges are diverse: governments and nongovernment organisations, aid agencies and emergency first-responders, police and para-military law-enforcers, national armed forces, immigration and customs authorities, border protection agencies and specialists in law, medicine, infrastructure, civil affairs and search & rescue.

The scope of CIVSEC 2018 is correspondingly comprehensive and its compass international. Its purpose is the promotion of policy and the development of capability in the protection of people and the safeguarding of society.

CIVSEC 2018 is organised by Civil Security Australia, a not-for-profit organisation and a division of Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited (ABN 31 091 148 837). A non-profit corporation registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission, the mission of Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited is to support the development of policy, capability and technology in the civil security sector by promoting professional and business engagement, industry advancement and technological development through international expositions, conferences and forums.

Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited is a member of a national not-for-profit group headed by Aerospace Maritime Defence and Security Foundation of Australia Limited. It also organises the biennial Land Forces Exposition and the biennial Pacific International Maritime Exposition. Its corporate affiliate, Aerospace Australia Limited, organises the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition at Avalon.