THE indo-asia-pacific

Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, and indeed the world as a whole, face complex environmental and security protection challenges as a consequence of increased urban concentration and rapid social change.

The nations of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region are developing at a rapid rate. Indonesia, India and both North and South Asia are experiencing the growth of mega-cities, urban centres with ten million or more citizens - and there is no sign of this trend abating, let alone receding. In Australia, seventy five percent of the population live in urban centres - with sixty percent residing in major capitals.

While focusing on the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, CIVSEC 2018 will also address issues of global significance. The sovereignty, safety, prosperity and cohesion of societies and communities everywhere are threatened by natural disasters and emergencies, by human catastrophe and civil disorder, by criminal activity and terrorism and by the movement of distressed populations across porous frontiers.

The CIVSEC 2018 congress program will feature a number of specialist speakers from the Indo-Asia-Pacific region who will present on future challenges moving forward for their nations.