CIVSEC 2018 is an international forum dealing with the acutely relevant, and inextricably interconnected, imperatives of civil security and civil defence in the preservation of sovereignty, the protection of people and the safety of communities.

Comprising high-level stakeholder strategic summits followed by a congress of specialist conferences, seminars and workshops, CIVSEC 2018 will bring together leaders and decision-makers, policy-makers and advisers, managers and officials, operational professionals, technical specialists, strategists and academics, researchers and consultants, technology developers and industry suppliers.

CIVSEC 2018 is reserved for those with a professional, business or operational involvement in the safety, policing emergency services, civil security and related government or industry sectors.

No admission fees are payable by accredited delegates as CIVSEC 2018 is being organised on a pro-bono basis in the interest of the advancement of civil security and civil defence.

Pre-registration for this event will open in early 2018.