Civil Security in the 21st Century

Tuesday 1 May and Thursday 3 May

Open to registered accredited attendees


The centrepiece conference within the CIVSEC 2018 Congress, Civil Security in the 21st Century will be presented by Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited.

Addressing the theme "Rise of the Cities – the civil security challenges for 2020 and beyond", its coverage will include:

  • Human Security - Addressing international terrorism, organised crime and extremism
  • Cyber Security - Australia's leading Cyber Security authorities from Government, Industry and Academia will present commentaries Australia's performance against the Australian Cyber Security Policy recommendations. Following the commentaries, the panel will address a hypothetical cyber-attack scenario.
  • Social Media - In an inter-connected on-line world how do we use, protect and maximise the positive side of social media while avoiding the negative impacts?
  • Disaster Management and Response - Natural disasters and man-made emergencies occur every day – how are these responded to and managed within cities with ever increasing populations?
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection - As our communities grow larger and more complex, how do we identify, protect and provide resilience around the critical infrastructure required to keep them operating and safe?
  • Major Event Security - Cities attract numerous sporting, cultural, community and political events – how are major public events delivered and protected within cities with ever increasing populations and more complex threat environments?

Free of charge to attend, the Civil Security in the 21st Century conference is open to accredited registered professional visitors to CIVSEC 2018. (Places are limited and pre-registration is recommended with pre-registration being available from February 2018.)

To download the provisional program, click the image below...